Want to import from Turkey or Africa but don’t know how to start? Want to get a competitive price but don’t know which factory/supplier is reliable? Don’t worry, we will help you out. No upfront fees.

Nestedseas offers different services for export, import and domestic businesses. We customize our activities to meet the customers needs. 





Our Services Include;


For those who visit Turkey.

We will be glad to take you to the factories that produce your desired products.

We can also take you around the wholesale markets for the products you demand since there are very many markets for different products. 

We offer free translation services all through the Tour. 

We charge a service fee starting form as low as USD 100 per day depending on the scope of the Tour. 



We are very open and direct with our customers. No hidden upfront fees to work with us. That being said. 

We do market research, When we receive your orders/ inquiries, We look for the best companies and we get you a competitive affordable price for you. 

We provide quotations and organize samples from suppliers. We visit the factories and do a close up follow up on the products we keep you posted in all steps of the way to ensure you confirm that you are getting the right products.

Well, after the purchase has been finalized. You will pay only 5% to 10% on the Purchases. Which is only paid when the products have been purchased. 


We are very precise for your products to be delivered at the right time and reached you by right logistic company.

Therefore we co-operate with the most suitable  trusted logistic companies in order to have this kind of good service.

We can offer you air delivery. Track delivery and also sea delivery.

You can also arrange your shipment and we can transfer your goods to your nominated transport company.

For african countries we have clearance services for the shipped goods especially for uganda and south africa


Tell us what products you want or how we can help you. Then we will assign you an agent to provide you the following services for free.

Your agent will help you search as many suppliers in Turkey, and get you the most competitive price. We ensure that we get you a quotation for high quality goods at an affordable price. 

We offer free consulting for any pieces of knowledge related to import, export, compliances, certifications, etc

After agreeing to the payment terms & shipping terms, we order (purchase) the products on your behalf. Our agents Ensure that we get a discounted price on all the products. 

our agent help you collect product samples from different suppliers (could be your suppliers), check quality and ship to you in one box, thus you can save a lot of shipping fee. He can also help you customize samples with your logos, requirements, making them look the same as your bulk order.

We help you evaluate the total cost for production, shipping and custom duty to your country. 

Sourcing suppliers for a product just takes a few hours, but following up production will usually last 20-60 days. Our agent helps you coordinate with factories all the time, to ensure products are made according to your requirements. We visit factories on a regular basis, and we keep you posted all the time.

 This inspection service is free. We open 20-30% numbers of cartons and randomly inspect numbers in each carton. If there are defect products found, your agent will help communicate with the suppliers to fix the problem on your behalf. 

We help you ship products all the way to your address in any countries and handle all import & export process. You always get competitive shipping quote from us, no matter it’s courier service, sea freight, land or air freight.

How we can help

We help you find high quality products according to your demands, get affordable competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Our team of experts will guide you step by step.

Project DONE

Our diffferences

We Offer our customers; a Wide range of product that are exclusive to our company, Low cost-high quality products, Inform every stage of production, On time delivery, Foreign trade operational skills, Custom and transportation knowledge, Feedback
We handle all the process from ordering products, purchasing to shipment and delivery. The conduct of our business is pursued with good intentions, mutual benefit, and fair treatment in all our relationships. we respond to our customers’ bulk orders as well as small orders

Do you want to know more about our services?  or Do you have any questions or suggestions? Dont hesitate please just contact us 


NESTEDSEAS is an international trade and manufacturing company in Izmir found in the Aegean coast region of Turkey.