NESTEDSEAS Foods & Drinks

Pure, Natural, Healthy and High quality foods and Drinks straight from  the farmers and factories we represent. 

Dried Fruits & Nuts

We supply natural and health fruits that are being collected directly from the farmers. 

The fruits include; Raisins, Figs, Hazel nuts, Pistachio, Apricots. Almonds,  


Turkey produces quality candy these include; Lollipops, chocolates, Marshmellow, sugar candy, chewing gum, jelly bon, etc. 

Olive Oil

Natural Olive Oil, Riviera Olive Oil, Refined Olive Oil


We come to you with our own brand of Red wine that is produced from the Aegean region of Turkey. 

We can also get you other brands depending on your demands. Red wine, White wine, Rose wine. 

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NESTEDSEAS  is an international trade and manufacturing company in Izmir found in the Aegean coast region of Turkey.