Our Story

NESTEDSEAS is an international trade and manufacturing company in Izmir found in the Aegean coast region of Turkey.

Our company undertakes representation and presentation of a wide range of Turkish and Foreign companies.  With our  wide network of producers  in Turkey due to our closer proximity to the production centers of many products such as marble, ceramic, textile, olive oil, industrial machines, construction equipments, foods and so on. And our trade connection with companies in India and Africa.

Our Company is able to source all the high quality products in different sectors according to the demands of both domestic and foreign customers at affordable competitive prices. We have operational convenience in international trade due to its proximity to the ports and harbours (Alsancak / Nemrut – Aliağa ports). This give the privilege to cater easily to every continent, work efficiently and develop business relationships different suppliers and buyers

Our company serves meticulously with its specialized team of experts who have worked in different industrial sectors. These experts have gained long years of experience in different sectors that our company represents.  Nestedseas has now become one of the most flexible suppliers in Izmir. It continues to provide satisfactory service to its customers in all fields.

As Nestedseas, we are always aiming to meet the needs of our customers, delivery with high quality, fast service, competitive prices, short delivery time, ethical, environmental and quality standards with guaranteed production. Flexibility and honesty are our characteristic features and we respond to our customers’ high quantity orders as well as  small orders

The conduct of our business is pursued with good intentions, mutual benefit, and fair treatment in all our relationships. We are committed to conforming at all times to the highest ethical and legal standards.

Nestedseas has had the opportunity to work with reputable companies in different parts of the world and continues to increase its world-wide recognition by increasing its service quality and product diversity, and continues to grow day by day. Nestedseas aims to be a worldwide known provider of all products in different sectors that are on demand for our valuable customers.

In summary, we provide close cooperation with our customers as a solution partner for all kinds business.

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NESTEDSEAS is an international trade and manufacturing company in Izmir found in the Aegean coast region of Turkey.