What to import from Turkey

When wine is the topic, France comes to mind first. When olive oil is said, Italy is the best without dispute. Of course, the number one place to find various exotic and delicious spices is India. What about Turkey? There should be great items from originating in this intercontinental country. So, what are the unique products of Turkey? Some might say baklava, others might say kebab. Yet, those things are produced and eaten by the people all over the Eastern Mediterranean region. However, there are distinctive products that pertains to Turkey. I have listed some below

1. Apparel and Home Textile

In Turkey, the textile industry is one of the most developed industries, so it constitutes as a major part of Turkey’s export volume. Of course, this is not a coincidence since the Turkish textile industry has been supplying high quality garments and fabric to many global brands such as H&M, Zara, and Nike. The quality and craft is very distinguished, such that these global brands are preferring Turkish textile products even though the cost is higher than other Asian countries. Turkish textile is top-class, so it is the first item that comes to mind when we talk about goods to import from Turkey. Turkey is not only a high-quality garment and apparel leader in the world, but Turkey is also known for its home textile products like carpets, rugs, and towels. Carpet is more than a home textile in Turkey. It is considered an art and constitutes a significant part to Turkish culture. When you see and touch a meticulously woven wool carpet, you will understand what I mean. Isparta, Kocaeli (Hereke) and Gaziantep are the main places to find a range of luxury handmade to standard carpets for home use. Last but not least product is Turkish towels. The city of Denizli has built a respectable reputation with their excellent and durable towels.

2. Marble Tiles and Ceramic

Turkey has also many tile resources and they have been exporting some of the most beautiful tiles such as mosaic, marble, and ceramic. Its elegancy and quality is so well-known that it has been preferred by many homeowners in America. When I was a student in Florida, my friends and I were invited by our professor to  brunch in his home. When he told me that all marble tiles in his kitchen and bathroom were made of Turkish marble, I was surprised. I thought, “This huge country (America) should have its own marble.” However, today, I clearly understand the beauty of Turkish marble and it is not surprising to see Turkish tile products anywhere in the world. In addition to marble tiles, Turkey has rich ceramic and faience resources. That is why, Turkish potteries are stylish and they have been used as decoration in millions of homes.

3. Nuts and Dry Fruit

Turkey is the major supplier of hazelnut, walnut, fig and apricots to some of the biggest manufacturers of food products. Apart from their abundance, they are also the most delicious in their range. For example, Turkey independently supplies around 70% of the world’s hazelnut demand. Of course, these goods are not only for eating by itself, but they have also been used in various food products. So, if you go your kitchen now, It would not be surprising to see Turkish ingredients in your biscuits, cookies, crackers or chocolates. Pistachio is another key good in Turkey. Once you try it in Turkish baklava and Turkish delight, you will be addicted to it. Turkey is also famous for their dried fruits, particularly figs and apricots. Dried fruits constitute a significant amount of the Turkish export volume. Today, both Turkish dry fruits and nuts can be easily found on the market shelves, since Turkish nuts and dried fruit are not only tasty, but also they are great element for a healthy diet.

4. Leather Goods 

The last but not the least good is Turkish leather. In fact, I could have explained the leather under textile industry, but that  would be inappropriate for eximious Turkish leather. Turkey is one of the top luxury leather product exporters in the world. As you guessed, leather can be used for many various goods such as jacket, bags, luggage, shoes and accessories. And the leather market has fierce competition especially between Turkish and Far East Asian countries, so being distinctive is crucial to survive and grow in this industry. Turkish leather is so outstanding that global brands such as Prada, Mulberry and other retail giants are procuring their products from Turkey instead of other cost-efficient countries.

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